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Lake Champlain Long-term Monitoring
For documentation of the database and methods, please refer to the Program Description and Methods History documents.
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Total PhosphorusTPug/L1992-2014VT & NY10/year
Dissolved PhosphorusDPug/L1992-2014VT & NY10/year
Ortho-PhosphorusDOPug/L1992-1994VT & NY-
ChlorideClmg/L1992-2014VT & NY10/year
Dissolved SilicaDSimg/L1992-2014VT & NY10/year on a 5 yr cycle
Total NitrogenTNmg/L1992-2014VT10/year
Total Kjeldahl NitrogenTKNmg/L1992-1996NY-
Total Nitrate-NitriteTNOXmg/L1992-1996VT & NY-
Total AmmoniaTNH3mg/L1992-1996VT & NY-
CalciumTCamg/L1992-2014VT & NY3/year on a 5yr cycle
MagnesiumTMgmg/L1992-2014VT & NY3/year on a 5yr cycle
SodiumTNamg/L1992-2014VT & NY3/year on a 5yr cycle
PotassiumTKmg/L1992-2014VT & NY3/year on a 5yr cycle
IronTFeug/L1992-2010VT & NY3/year on a 5yr cycle
Total Organic CarbonTOCmg/L1992-1999NY-
Dissolved Organic CarbonDOCmg/L1992-1999NY-
Dissolved Inorganic CarbonDICmg/L1992-1996NY-
TemperatureTempCdeg C1992-2014VT10/year
Dissolved OxygenDOmg/L1992-2014VT10/year
Total Suspended SolidsTSSmg/L1992-2005VT & NY-
Chlorophyll-aChlaug/L1992-2014VT & NY10/year
Secchi DepthSecchim1992-2014VT & NY10/year
Net phytoplankton, total densityNP_Tot_dencells/L2006-2013VT10/year
Net phytoplankton, Cyanobacteria densityNP_Cya_dencells/L2006-2013VT10/year
Net phytoplankton, Chlorophyta densityNP_Chl_dencells/L2006-2013VT10/year
Net phytoplankton, Chrysophyta densityNP_Chr_dencells/L2006-2013VT10/year
Net phytoplankton, Pyrrophyta densityNP_Pyr_dencells/L2006-2013VT10/year
Net zooplankton, total densityZP_Tot_den#/m31993-2010NY10/year
Net zooplankton, Copepod densityZP_Cop_den#/m31993-2010NY10/year
Net zooplankton, Cladoceran densityZP_Cla_den#/m31993-2010NY10/year
Net zooplankton, Rotifer densityZP_Rot_den#/m31993-2010NY10/year

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